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a team of financial professionals

Having an entrepreneurial approach, we provide to our clients in an accessible formula our expertise of over ten years we gathered serving companies from different fields

Our mission is to help small and medium companies improve their monetary flow and profitability to be able to grow and develop as planned.

Our Services

simple practical finances

Financial and fiscal matters can be complicated and merciless both for new entrepreneurs and for seasoned entrepreneurs or managers.Therefore, we provide you with the solutions necessary for these problems.


Here, at Finsmart, we bring clarity and simplicity, not additional complications.This allows our clients to make the best decisions possible, with simple and effective instruments.


Here, at Finsmart, we take all possible measures to protect our clients' and our own information.We never discuss with third parties any details concerning our projects, even if they seem to be general information.


Here, at Finsmart, we communicate with our clients so they can understand WHAT we do, WHY we do it, WHERE we are within the work process and WHEN we will be finalizing the process.


Here, at Finsmart, we undertake full responsibility for our actions and we inform the client when we have no information on a certain matter.If we make a mistake, we acknowledge it, undertake responsibility for it and correct it as fast and as best as possible


Here, at Finsmart, we aim at being good, honest, kind and reliable people.We aim at adding value not only to your business, but to any interaction we have.


Here, at Finsmart, we are flexible, agile and we adjust fast to the dynamic business environment.

Our management team

the professionals behind our success

We translate the language of numbers into profit growth solutions for small and medium companies.

  • Professionalism.

    We translate the language of numbers into profit growth solutions for small and medium companies.

    Mirela Girea / Managing Partner

  • Seriousness.

    We believe in obtaining real, tangible results, having a high impact for the clients and our business.

    Adrian Soltan / Partner

  • Creativity.

    Creativity is not an escape from discipline, but an escape accompanied by discipline.

    Liviu Barbu / Marketing Manager

Our purpose is to adjust to each client and to manage each case separately.

Tailoring for personality


finances translated into your own words

Here you can find useful information from the financial accounting field which can bring creativity and effective solutions to your own business and for personal financial optimization.

Holding-type provisions in Romania

A holding is a company having as scope of business the purchase, holding and sale of shares of other companies, which it controls, for obtaining revenues from dividends, capital gains or revenue from liquidation and which consolidate the performance of such companies. A holding company can also represent the funding and strategic structure of the companies it holds.

Long-term benefits of an external financial department

Outsourcing the financial department can help you balance your business’ costs, can allow you to focus on strategic priorities, aiming at future development and, finally, at higher performance, in economic periods that are favorable or unfavorable and an experienced provider of financial and accounting services can be a means of support and a way to a safer future.

What should a CFO do for your business?

Employing a CFO is a difficult decision for many companies because of the need to determine clearly weather the budget allows them to employ such a specialist. In addition, many companies find it hard to clearly identify the attributions and responsibilities of the CFO.

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